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Unlock BenQ E72 For Free

PubliƩ par Nicolas Friday, November 12, 2010

Supported Modeles:
BenQ E72 Unlock free
How to unlock BenQ E72
1. copy unclock directory to sd card.
2. First install "E72_Unlock.cab" inside firstinstall directory
3. Then run "Unlock.Enable.cab"
4. Finally application security is unlocked.

Note: You can create shorcut for Unlock.Enable.cab and Unlock.Disable.cab
through start menu. In order to call with fring first, run
"Unlock.Disable.cab" then run fring. Thus, during call there is no
gsm disable problem. After exit fring you can run "Unlock.Enable.cab"
and go without security lock. "System.Default.cab" inside default
directory returns device default factory settings. In order to activate
unlocked again you have to run "E72_Unlock.cab" first.
bonus QuickMark-DS-BenQ E72-v3.8

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